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Quality Motorcycle CB Antenna Coax Cable - Firestik brand coax cable - All about Coax Cable

firestik coax cable firestik brand coax cable f firestik cb antenna cable firestik coax cable
K-8R18 K-8A K-9A MU-8R18 MU-9R18
Fire-Flex coaxial cables have stranded center conductors, polyvinyl insulation and bare copper shielding in the 95% range. Recommended for coax runs close to a high heat source such as the auto's exhaust system or a coax run that puts pressure on the coax. polyvinyl is extremely tough. Holds up better when pinched for example.  Fire Ring illustration
Coax cable for single or dual antenna systems -Click the link for a larger photo of the item.
K-8R18 -Single -18' coax cable with Fire Ring connector on one end - PL259 on the other $19.95
K-8A -Single -18' coax cable with PL259 connectors on both ends $19.95
K-9A -Duals -18' co-phase coax cable with PL259 connectors on all three ends $34.95
MU-8R18 -Single -18' coax cable Quick Disconnect with PL259 connectors on both ends $24.95
MU-9R18 -Duals-18' co-phase Quick Disconnect cable with PL259 on 1 end and Fire Ring on the other 2 ends $39.95
K4R -Fire Ring stud mount $5.95 - Fire Ring illustration
All about Coax Cable - Educate Yourself
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